Special: Nintendo NY Switch Event Recap


The Nintendo Switch! It’s hot, it’s coming and everyone’s talking about it, good or bad. This past Saturday, one of our members, William Kok, was lucky enough to get access to Nintendo NY event. During this event, he was able to get some hands-on with Nintendo’s upcoming system, the Nintendo Switch. And since none of us were able to get to the event, we harass and poked Will, until he gave up the info.

Thankfully for you and us, he was very accommodating and has provided more than enough info regarding the Nintendo Switch. From the Joy-Con controller, the games he played and even some thoughts regarding the Switch, itself.

You can check out the recording below. Should you happen to have any questions beyond anything we asked, send them our way. We’ll get them over to Will and see what he says.

Right, Will? Right?

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