Santa Clarita Diet Trailers Tout a Cheerful Cannibalistic Diet

Drew Barrymore. Timothy Olyphant. Murder. Cannibalism. What’s not to love?

Santa Clarita Diet is a new horror-comedy about a pair of married real estate agents, one of whom was formerly dead. At first glance, the trailers seem to be a sort of pseudo-diet ad for cannibalism, but once we get a good look at the food being ingested, it’s clear the food didn’t come from a farm. The first shows Barrymore gushing about her latest “diet” while in the second Olyphant nervously describes her attacking and eating a man harassing some ducks. The show’s creator, Vincent Fresco, is also known for the off-beat work comedy Better Off Ted and the failed sitcom Sean Saves the World.

Like a cross between Hannibal and Desperate Housewives, the overall tone  The show’s website has the typical diet images of blender, juices, and bright, smiley white people, though there also limbs, eyes, and other human parts. However, what kind of zombie shenanigans these two will get into are not exactly clear. Nathan Fillion is set to make an appearance in the show as a reoccurring character, as are Mary Elizabeth Ellis and Richard T. Jones. 


Santa Clarita Diet will premiere on Netflix on February 3, 2017.

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