Rime was an indie title unveiled a while ago by developer Tequila Works. But then, it disappeared. Just as suddenly, it reappeared not long ago, and to many peoples surprise, it was announced to also be coming to the Nintendo Switch. In an interview IGN, the developer gave some very interesting insights into the development of Rime for Switch.

For example, Tequila Works actually isn’t the team making Rime for the Nintendo Switch. In fact, it’s Tantalus, who you’ll recognize from the recent Twilight Princess HD port that the Wii U got. However, they assure fans that this version of Rime will meet the quality that the other versions have.

We worked side by side with them to ensure the Nintendo Switch version is absolutely true to the original vision we have for RiME, and they are doing a terrific work indeed!

Tequila Works also states that they’re VERY excited for the Switch, but don’t have anything to say about future releases on the console. They want to finish this game first, and it’s hard to blame them for that.

The other big question was when and how Rime would release on Switch. The team notes that they are working very hard with Tantalus to try and make this a simultaneous launch when the game arrives in May. As for whether the title will get a physical release? It’s being researched, as the Switch doesn’t have disks like the other platforms, it has cartridges rather. But guaranteed, it will have a digital release.

So there you have it. Are you intrigued about Rime? It’s been compared to Legend of Zelda, among other Nintendo titles, so this may be a game you might want to look into.

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