Path of Exile Coming to Xbox One in 2017


Path of Exile is coming to the Xbox One in 2017! Yes, I can’t believe I just said that either, but it’s actually happening. The developer, Grinding Gears, made the announcement earlier today and I’m still in disbelief. This is easily one of my favorite games on the PC and now Xbox gamers will be able to take part in the action. This the game that many, including myself, feel that does everything Diablo does, but better. 

Just like the PC version, the Xbox One will be free-to-play, and will include the upcoming 3.0.0 expansion. This way, the Xbox One gamers won’t behind the PC gamers in way of the content. 

Minor differences between the two, mainly that the Xbox One and PC gamers will be on separate servers. The will also be slight differences such the number of flasks you can carry and even how the skill system works.

There is no release date for the Xbox version of Path of Exile as the moment. So, if you’re like me and have been waiting for this to happen, it’s here. Be sure to check it out when it’s released.

Check out the announcement trailer for the game below. 

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