The Nintendo Switch Reveal – Our Expectations

We are almost there! We’re almost to the Nintendo Switch Reveal event, and EVERYONE here at Outerhaven seems to be excited for this for one reason or another.

The hype has been building for SO LONG, and now, we want to know EVERYTHING about the Nintendo Switch. Now, as we’re all fans, we all have our own expectations, and each of us will likely want something different from the reveal. So, we here at Outerhaven have pooled our collective of writers and let them have the mic to decide what they want from the Nintendo Switch reveal. Check out what each writer wants below!

Josh Piedra

As far as the Nintendo Switch is concerned, I’m expecting great things from the console. I’m not expecting it to be as graphically advanced as a Playstation 4 Pro or a Project Scorpio. What I am expecting is the same thing that Nintendo has been delivering on throughout their history: a fun experience. It is no secret that the Wii U was seen as a failure and one of the reasons for that was the lack of a robust launch title lineup. So my big expectation is to see something huge from Nintendo’s camp in regards to what games we will see with the Switch. I want to see Zelda, Mario, Skyrim, Monster Hunter and at least a Pokemon console title announcement. Anything less than this would be another black eye to Nintendo. The Switch reveal montage gave gamers hope… now Nintendo needs to capitalize on that in a big way.

Tyler Kelbaugh (@TylerKelbaugh94)

Obviously, games are the most important aspect of the Nintendo Switch reveal. At the end of the day, games are everything. But I also want to see Nintendo outline their brand message. Right now I believe we are seeing a shift in the way Nintendo targets their customers, and i think it’s important that they continue to do so. From its reveal trailer, it seems safe to say that the Switch is targeting older gamers outside their usual child-focused approach. I want to see Nintendo reach out to this older group, the people who grew up on their products, and double down on it. I’m not looking for Nintendo to become a “mature” company with graphic novel games, but I do want to see them attempting to remove the harmful stigma that Nintendo is for children. Especially considering the reality that children have moved on to other things and no longer are connected to Nintendo by the hip. But mostly games. I’d be pretty pumped if they just showed games.

Todd Black (@Guardians_Comic)

I’m a Nintendo fanboy, born, bred, and Mushroom fed, so I have high hopes for this reveal. But what do I want? I want confirmations, as many as we can get. Yes, E3 is only a few months away, but, it’s only two months presumably until the Nintendo Switch is out for people to buy. SO…we need to know what’s coming not only now, but in the months to come. We know Zelda is coming, and Mario, and a few other games scattered here and there. But, we need to KNOW they’re coming, and we need to KNOW that Nintendo will keep its promise to maintain a steady lineup of titles throughout the year, and years. They’ve claimed they got a 3rd party support, so show it! They claim to have a lot of their development teams working on something, prove it now! This is the biggest spotlight on Nintendo arguably since the Wii. They NEED to capitalize. For if they don’t? It will hurt them in a way they may not recover from.

Delaila Lugo (@ASSASSINA_SAN)

I expect the event to showcase the transition between the portable display and onto the television screen. The showcase should also display the utility of the touch screen, and how differently the controls work for each transition. If I had to guess, I would say Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be showcased, and perhaps a release date for the game will be announced for summer 2017.

Nintendo should also describe the specifications. While I doubt the Nintendo Switch will upscale to 4K resolutions, I’m sure a safe 1080p resolution would be the basis for the Nintendo Switch in its non-portable form, specifically for first-party games. Additionally, considering the Switch will have cartridges, I imagine it won’t have 500GB like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but would instead have maybe 32GB that includes a Micro SD card, like the 3DS. Lastly, I would hope Nintendo would be honest about the battery life for the portable device, hopefully lasting more than 4 hours. I would also hope they explore the option of an external battery source.

Aaron Sanders

If Nintendo somehow manages to still withhold both a price and launch date with this announcement, the internet will actually catch on fire. I’m thinking we’ll get an announcement of two models, a base at $250 and one that has increased storage for $300, with neither being more powerful than the other. There will be further demonstration of the hardware in action, with its ability to be undocked mid-game and let you immediately continue playing, whatever inter-connectivity the systems support for local multiplayer, and *hopefully*  a look at the online platform, but I’m not counting on anything really in-depth there, yet. If any details come out of that, my fingers are crossed for confirmation of GameCube games on the Virtual Console. We’ll also probably get a peek at a handful of launch titles, many of which will most likely be ports/enhanced editions of popular Wii U titles. There’s been a lot of back and forth over Zelda missing its March release date and a new Mario game coming out instead, and I’m going to bet on that being the case, with Zelda coming out sometime closer to June. My guess for other titles: Mario Kart, Splatoon, Monster Hunter, and Pokémon.

Clinton Bowman

Speaking on price right out the gate, $249 – $279 should be an acceptable sweet spot. $300 would maybe warrant some questions, anything higher will certainly put Nintendo of Japan’s business logic into question, to simple tell the truth. Can the Switch help Nintendo make waves? Absolutely, well beyond any shadows of doubt. However, we do need to see several things, such as a possible restructuring of Nintendo Network, GameCube virtual console and Switch launch titles, and maybe an announcement of a new Pokémon title.

For surprise reveals? Ultimate Marvel 3 and Injustice 2, maybe a Switch version of NBA 2K17, despite needing the online capabilities to fully unlock MyCareer as well as the meat and potatoes of MyTeam.

Adriel Rangel

As for my thoughts, I’m guessing the $250 w/ deluxe $300 will be the price point. However, I think the $250 version will be much more limited in quantity. That way, they can easily push the more expensive version because the consumer knows that if they don’t grab that one, they’ll simply be without a switch.

As for BoW, I think it will indeed make launch. PDP seems to be making a lot of branded accessories for it, and I doubt they would surface yet if the game wouldn’t be primed for launch.

Other than that, I hope to see some more mature titles. Not to say I expect to see Peach Beach Splash or anything, but with the confirmation of a lego city undercover port, I hope to see something to reach out to the core demographic.

And there you have it! The Outerhaven team HAS SPOKEN!!!! But…what do YOU think will happen at the Nintendo Switch Event tonight? We WILL be streaming the Event tonight, and showing off our in real-time reactions to the announcements! So…head to our Twitch page and follow us so you can hear our thoughts, as well as our pre-show breakdown! We’ll be starting roughly 30 minutes before the show, so get there quick!