CES 2017: Nvidia Shows Updated Version of GeForce Now; Available During March 2017

While Nvidia had previously entered the Cloud Streaming business with their Nvidia GeForce Now, today they’ve shown the progression of that service. Some of you may already be familiar with the name, as we first heard about this back during 2015. While Nvidia is making seem like it is new, it’s been around for a while. However, it definitely has matured as it was previously only available via the Nvidia Shield. Now it will be available for just about every PC, while no mention of the Nvidia Shield was made.

Currently, we’re watching the Nvidia CES 2017 keynote, but the technology is being demoed and it looks and runs pretty damned good. First, they started off with a virtualized Windows 10 environment, and then fired up a game of Rise of the Tomb Raider. Since this was being streamed, we couldn’t get a good representation, but it seemed to run well.

He did mention Amazon’s AWS, so I can imagine that perhaps this is being powered by that environment or some sort of co-located capability. What’s amazing about this is that gamers that are either restricted to lower end PC’s or even Macs, will be able to play games with no issues via this virtualized service. Currently, it’s being coined as “GeForce gaming PC on demand.” It definitely would be helpful for people who don’t have a capable gaming PC, who aren’t able to upgrade an existing one or for those who want to game but are MAC or Linux users.

The updated GeForce Now will be priced at $25 dollars for 20 hours of play and will be available as soon as March 2017. Could this be the end of budget end PC?