No Season Pass For Mass Effect: Andromeda; PC Pre-load to begin on March 17

There’s a bunch of Mass Effect: Andromeda news hitting the net today. First up is the confirmation that Mass Effect: Andromeda will not have any sort of Season Pass. Thanks to Bioware’s the General Manager of BioWare, Aaryn Flynn, who addressed the season pass concerns over via Twitter.

When asked if there would be a season pass, Aayrn stated with a firm “Nope!”, which I’m sure made more than a few fans of the upcoming title very happy. This follows another EA title that didn’t feature any season passes as well, Titanfall 2.

We now also know when the Mass Effect: Andromeda will be available for pre-load on EA’s Origin. If you pre-order the title, the game will appear in your library and will display the pre-load date of March 17, 2017.


Sadly, the PC requirements are still missing. EA has stated they will release those specs in the upcoming weeks. Expect for Mass Effect: Andromeda to be playable earlier for subscribers of EA’s Origin (PC) and Access on Xbox One.

In Mass Effect: Andromeda, gamers will find themselves playing the fourth title in the series, which takes place 600 years after the original trilogy. It will be the first Mass Effect title that will be completely open world and will be powered by EA’s Frostbite 3 game engine. The title is set to released on March 21st, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.