The Nintendo Switch set to be priced at $249.99?


There’s been quite a few rumors and leaks surrounding the price of Nintendo’s upcoming console, the Nintendo Switch. Most were regarding the price, all of which all pointed to the system costing $250.00, give or take a penny. Most of this came from information some several major electronic stores, including Gamestop, Bestbuy, and a few others.

Well, now it looks like those rumors and leaks are actually true. Over at the Nintendo Switch subreddit, some information from Bestbuy was confirmed as being “legit” and the person who provided this info was verified. Meaning that what was provided could very well be the actual price of the Nintendo Switch.

Hello everyone! This morning we received some interesting news, and as such we took the time to verify the validity of it. After investigating we found the information to be true: This morning, a new SKU (5670100) has appeared in Best Buy’s price system. This sku has the description “Nintendo N2”, and is priced at $249.99. This is the only new SKU that we are presently aware of.

Keep in mind, that while the name is quite clearly a placeholder, the price may be as well, so do take this with a grain of salt.

As the quote states, it is a placeholder and could be subject to change. Based on several other leaks that had posted with the same price tag, we’re leaning toward this being legit. This is definitely the sweet spot for Nintendo to sell the Switch at.

The next question is how limited is this launch going to be? Are we looking at the same sort of launch that we saw with the Wii and the recently released NES Classic? 

Source: Nintendo Switch Subreddit