Nintendo Entertainment Podcast – Episode 14 – The Nintendo Draft

On the latest Nintendo Entertainment Podcast, the trio of Todd, Will, and Tyler welcome Outerhaven Co-Founder Keith to the show!

And, to kick off 2017 in style, the team bring forth the first ever Nintendo Draft. Where each of the hosts has four picks to determine what Nintendo has to do to be successful in 2017. Will they pick key franchises? Will they select developers that need to show up for the Switch? Will they focus on media events that Nintendo needs to do well at? Or, will they choose things that aren’t directly related to the games or consoles?

All that, plus, there’s plenty of news with only one week to go until the Nintendo Switch reveal. And…the podcast is a musical? Sure, why not?


A special thanks to Cho for selecting Lon Lon Ranch as our entrance theme for the week (sorry about Todd singing). If YOU would like to select a song for the guys to enter in on for next weeks show, put your suggestion in the comments below! We’ll pick the best one for next week, and save the rest for future shows!

NOTE: It should be a song from a title in the NES, SNES, or N64 eras.

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