Latest Mass Effect Andromeda Trailer Gives Look at Crew; More Story Elements Revealed

With the arrival of the latest Mass Effect Andromeda Trailer, a couple of things are finally shown off. The first is the squadmates that you’ll have along side you.  While we have seen some of them in passing previously, they’re given more screen time and purpose. We still don’t have any names, not just yet. 

More importantly, we finally know more about the story/plot of ME:A. Unlike the original Mass Effect trilogy, where their society was already established. In Mass Effect Andromeda, the mission is of a more severe nature. You are part of an expedition force to find a new planet; A new planet Earth. It seems humanity is worse of now than what it was before. EA and Bioware haven’t spilled the beans as to what exactly happened, but we at least know that we’re going to be responsible for a lot of lives.

Lastly, we don’t start off as military or soldiers. We’re playing explorers who have been thrust into a life or death situation, where death simply isn’t an option. Looks like it’s time to draw a line and dig in. I can’t wait for this to finally be released.

Mass Effect Andromeda releases on March 21st, 2017, for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. EA Origin and Access members get early access on March 16th, 2017.