With the launch of Beam, one of the newer entries into the gaming streaming platform, a new tech was introduced. That tech is called FTL (no, not the game) or Faster Than Light Streaming protocol. You can read up on what is here. This provides streamers with A greatly reduced delay when they stream on Beam when suing FTL. Previously this was only available via those who used the fork of OBS, Tachyon. We tested this awhile back during the 2016 Extra Life event. We thought it was really quick, was a fantastic idea. Yet there were definitely some bugs to iron out.

Now it seems that Xsplit is now getting on board with the FTL support and has rolled out a Xsplit Broadcaster beta client with FTP support. Keyword, here being, beta. 

“We have published a beta update of XSplit Broadcaster v2.9 with support for Beam’s new low latency protocol called FTL. An update to XSplit Gamecaster is also planned to follow in the near future.”

“This release contains new core components, and while we believe it to be stable, it is still deemed a beta release undergoing testing. If you install this release, note that it will automatically be updated when the final 2.9 update with FTL support is released.”

This is fantastic news and I can’t wait to try this out when I’m back at my gaming PC. Lastly, FTL only works with Beam. So if you want to try it out, you’ll need a Beam account, which you can sign up for here.


You can download the beta client by heading over to the Xsplit Blog here or by downloading the client here. If you do test out the new client, be sure to send any feedback to Xsplit via their subreddit, /r/xsplit.

Source: Xsplit Blog

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