New Fire Emblem Heroes Details Revealed!!!

We are less than 48 hours away from the arrival of Fire Emblem Heroes, and with it, the ability to create a team, nay, an army, from the vast collection of Fire Emblem history. Yet, there’s still a lot of unknowns about the title. Thankfully, some new info has come out today about it.

First off, it’s been confirmed by IGN that the game is being made by Fire Emblem franchise creator Intelligent Systems. However, it’s also being worked on by DeNA, which was acquired by Nintendo to ensure quality in mobile titles. This will no doubt ease any fears that fans may have about “someone new” messing with the Fire Emblem franchise.

What else has been revealed about Fire Emblem Heroes though? Well, according to a Twitter Q&A (translated by Serenes Forest) there will be support conversations between your Summoner and the heroes you summon. However, it doesn’t appear that the marriage system is in place that we’ve seen in past FE games, which would also mean no children. But, if you think about it, that makes sense, as while supports are theoretically easy to make, marriages would be a little harder, and children harder still for a mobile title with such possibilities given the vastness of the roster. An important note however, the support conversations won’t be available at launch.

Fire Emblem Heroes

Oh, and for you who likes to get lovely little bonuses for logging in? There will be that too, and possibly at launch!

Don’t forget, today is the LAST DAY to vote in the “Choose Your Legends” event! Where you can pick your favorite characters in hopes of getting a brand new look for them in Fire Emblem Heroes! Want to hear who we have been voting for? Well, you should check out the latest episode of the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast! And be sure to be ready for our next episode of NEP, where we will talk about our initial impressions of the title!

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