Latest Logan Trailer Released; Movie in Theaters March 3rd

Well, I have to say that I’ve been skeptical when it comes to the X-Men movies. Several were good, others not so good. But the Wolverine films, in a whole, have been damned good. That said, I was already excited for the upcoming Logan flick. However, after seeing the latest trailer, I’m more than hyped.

In this newest trailer, we finally get to the see the unnamed girl (Laura?) finally show off her claws and start kicking some ass. Ironically, we haven’t seen Logan pop his claws in this trailer and likely won’t until we see the actual movie. Charles is still hanging around, but the more I watch these trailers the more I think he’s just in Logan’s head. They even take a page from Deadpool by playing an X-Men comic in the movie, effectively breaking the 4th wall. Great stuff indeed.

Speaking of which, Logan is set for a March 3rd, 2017 release. That’s going to be a damn busy day for both X-Men, Comic and video game fans, that’s for sure.