Get Either Watch Dogs 2 or The Division Free From Nvidia With GeForce Experience

Surprise! Looks like Nvidia is giving out free game codes for users who own a GTX 10-series card AND have GeForce Experience installed. I know this is going to disqualify a lot of people, as GFE, hasn’t been widely received by the PC gaming community.

But if you do have it installed, congrats. You just scored a free game.

Which game, you ask? Well, you have your pick of either Watch Dogs 2 or Tom Clancy’s The Division. I know which one I’m getting ;) Both will need to be downloaded via Ubisoft’s UPLAY, so make sure you have an account over there as well. 

This is my free game voucher. Nope, you can't have my code.

However, this looks to be a limited time offer. So if you qualify, be sure to check your inboxes before the deal is over.