Disgaea 5 Complete Edition

Gamers Are The Reason Disgaea 5 is On Nintendo Switch

There are a lot of announced 3rd Party games coming to the Nintendo Switch. Some were made during the Nintendo Switch event, and others were announced later. One of those includes Disgaea 5 Complete.

For those who didn’t know, Disgaea 5 was originally on the PlayStation 4, with it being playable on PS Vita via the Remote Play option. However, as fans noted, the game wasn’t really suitable as it was on the portable device. So, fans apparently asked for it to be on the PS Vita. But, developer Nippon Ichi Software stated that if they did that, it would have to be a “downgraded” version of Disgaea 5, which they didn’t want to do.

Yet, fans kept asking for a portable version, so what could they do? Bring it to the Switch of course (thank you Nintendo Everything for the translation of Famitsu)!

NIS president Sohei Niikawa noted that the transition to the Nintendo Switch was very simple for them, and thus, it didn’t need to be a downgraded version of Disgaea 5, in fact, it could be a more complete version, hence the name. Though he was clear that nothing was lost during the transition, this version will be the same experience as the PS4 version.

For NIS, this was a simple, yet effective way to bring their title to another console that they wanted to support, while also pleasing fans who wanted a portable version of Disgaea 5. A true “best of both worlds” scenario.

So, why does this matter? Well, this shows that there are developers who want to please the fans, but don’t want to sacrifice quality of titles. They knew what Disgaea 5 should look like, and play like. But if they brought it to the Vita, it wouldn’t be that anymore. But with the Switch, it could be, and it would be portable, thus fans get what they want, and the developer doesn’t lose what made their title so great.

Disgaea 5 Complete will arrive in the Spring on Nintendo Switch.