Final Beta for Nioh to Take Place Thru Jan 21-22

While Koei Tecmo’s upcoming action RPG, Nioh, has already gone gold, there’s still one final beta. This beta will run from January 21st-22nd and will be accessible even if you don’t have a PSN Plus account. During the beta, gamers will be able to utilize online multiplayer and unlock rewards if they missed the first two. However, there’s a catch and that being that this beta is exclusive to Japan.

Update: Nope, looks like you don’t need to have a Japanese account! The North America PS Blog just announced that the beta/trial is coming here as well! Read more about it here.

Yep, unless you live in Japan or have a Japanese PSN account (Hint!), you won’t be able to access the beta. So, make sure you set up a Japanese PSN account, ok? As to why are they holding a beta after the game went gold? Well, this is just me but I’m assuming just to make sure there aren’t any bugs they may have missed.

For more info on the beta and what it entails, check out the Japanese PlayStation Blog.

Nioh is scheduled for a February 9th, 2017, release date in North America and is a PlayStation exclusive title.