An official website was opened on Saturday by Japanese distribution company GAGA, announcing the second Fairy Tail movie titled Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry. Hiro Mashima, the creator of the Fairy Tail franchise, confirmed the announcement was real via his Twitter account. The film’s staff has also opened an official Twitter account.

Kodansha made the announcement back in May that the Fairy Tail series would be receiving a second movie, but didn’t provide further details at that time.  As of now, all we have is a title and a release of some time during this Spring. There is also no word on if/when Fairy Tail would get a new television anime series as many were expecting this announcement to be along those lines. Given the fact that the anime was dangerously close to catching up with the manga at the time of it’s stopping point, we may not see another Fairy Tail anime for a while. 

Fairy Tail has spawned two anime series, the first lasting for 175 episodes and the second lasting for 102 episodes.  The main manga continues to publish to this day while several spinoff manga have been produced focusing on characters such as Gray, Wendy, Mavis and others.


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