Europe and Japan to Receive Glacier White PlayStation 4 Slim

Look in awe at this lovely looking Glacier White PlayStation 4 from Sony. Set to be released in January 2017, this new color PlayStation 4 will be unleashed and available for sale. Included is a 500GB HDD with an equally stunning looking Glacier White Dualshock 4 for the January 24th, 2017, release in Europe for €299 / £259. Followed up with a Japan release on February 23rd, 2017, with a 1TB HDD available as well.

LPThis isn’t the first time we’ve seen this color, as the original PlayStation 4 also received this exclusive paint job during 2015. I would have rathered a Glacier White PS4 Pro, but you never know. There may be one later in the future.

Sadly, it seems like seems like this will be yet another overseas’s only launch, as there hasn’t been any announcement for the North American market. Shame, as this would look fantastic alongside my white Xbox One S.

Source: European PlayStation Blog