Eliza Tekken 7 Gameplay Trailer Released

When Bandai Namco had mentioned that Tekken Revolution was going offline, many of its fans were devastated. Many of which loved the game, while others were fearful that their favorite character, Eliza, would be lost. Eliza was designed exclusively for Tekken Revolution and has never appeared in another Tekken title.

That is until now!

Yes, Tekken fans, Eliza lives! Bandai Namco has included their blood sucking, fighting vampire to the cast of Tekken 7. She won’t be lost after all. And which Tekken 7 being included in the EVO 2017 event, Bandai Namco has released her gameplay trailer early.

Check out the trailer below to see Eliza in action as she takes on all contestants in Tekken 7.

Tekken 7 launches June 2nd, 2017, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and for the first time on PC (Steam).