Double Dragon IV

Double Dragon IV Trailer Released

While the gaming world awaits the return of Double Dragon, Arc System Works has released a new trailer for it. It’s basically an introduction to the game and lays out the story line. Along the way, we get to see some of the enemies in the game, most while has been seen in previous Double Dragon games. In addition, we get to see the bosses that we’ll be facing off in the game as well as some locations.

Now I know many people haven’t been fans of the retro look for the game, as it looks similar to Double Dragon II on the NES; I like it.  As long as the gameplay is on point and fun, I’m definitely on board; besides I happen to love Double Dragon II and III on the NES.

Double Dragon IV releases on January 30th, 2017, for PlayStation 4 and PC (Steam). Are you up to the challenge?