COSPLAY by McCALL’S Papillon Pattern Review

Wave 9 of COSPLAY by McCALL’S deviates from the previous formula of full-clothes patterns inspired by themes and characters. Papillon, one of two patterns from wave 9 provides patterns for lined coats with princess seams. This pattern is Seattle Cosplay designed and can be modified for Aristocrat fashion, Goth, or Steampunk. When I first saw this pattern, I immediately envisioned a femme Tuxedo Mask cosplay. The jacket is very versatile and can even work for office fashion with the right colors and fabric.

Here are the specs:

Skill level: Intermediate

Sizes: 6-8-10-12-14

Pattern number: M2084

As usual, the COSPLAY by McCALL’S line has patterns printed on a somewhat thicker paper with blue ink which should make it easier for those who want to trace their patterns onto tissue paper. The directions are easy to follow.

The inside of the packaging has tips for sewing jackets – one of them emphasizing making a sewn draft of your jacket out of muslin. I definitely endorse this advice since I have a terrible habit of skipping the sewn draft, which results in hours of frustration and wasted fabric. The tips for picking out your lining fabric are also helpful. Of course, if you’re an experienced sewer, these tips will simply reinforce what you already know.

This pattern is a nice addition to your pattern stash because you can make a short coat or a swallowtail coat. While there isn’t very much wiggle room for variation if you stick with the pattern, there are two closure options on this jacket. You can use buttons or hook and eye closure. Of course, if you alter the pattern more options open up for you (zippers, etc.)

As I mentioned, this pattern would work for a variety of situations – goth, steampunk, aristocrat and these types of characters can also be found throughout the anime and manga world. Of course, think of the femme opportunities out there – Sebastian from Black Butler would look great with the swallowtail coat. This jacket could be modified to work for Tuxedo Mask. 

If you’re looking for a nice jacket pattern, this is definitely worth looking for. This appears to be a McCall’s online exclusive, so you’ll need to purchase it online or wait for McCall’s to bring it to you at a local convention.

*This item was provided for review.