Constantine Returns Via CW Seed Series

The DC Comics TV universe is massive, in fact, all four of the interconnected shows that reside on the CW have already been renewed for another season. Thus, allowing it to continue to grow. But, one of the few “failures” of the DCTV ranks was Constantine. 

Despite it being a fan-favorite show, and getting a good following on NBC (for that network anyway), the show only got one season and like 12 episodes. Then, in a fun twist, he emerged in the CWVerse via an episode of Arrow during its fourth season. Making many wonder whether a full-on series for him was coming.

Well, it is, in animated form that is. The CW has announced that a Constantine series is coming to the CW Seed (their online digital platform), and will feature Matt Ryan once again as the chain smoking magician. The CW Seed already has a successful show via Vixen, who also has appeared in the live-action Arrowverse, and thus the return of Constantine could be the lynchpin for more crossovers. For as CW Head Mark Pedowitz notes, everything is connected:

“They’re all somewhat connected now to the Arrowverse for our purposes. We look at CW Seed as an extension,” he said. “It’s great to have Constantine. It’s a great message to everybody that ‘come to CW Seed and don’t be bored.'”


Fans will no doubt be grateful to see Matt Ryan back as Constantine, even if its only in animated form. What’s very ironic though, is that Ryan has already voiced Constantine in the upcoming Justice League Dark film from the DC Animated film line. So, he’s already had plenty of practice doing Constantine in voiceover form.

Regardless, this will no doubt be a joy to fans, even if it’s only in small bursts like the Vixen series has been. If nothing else, it proves that not only is the DC/CWVerse growing, it’s listening to what the fans want. Cause they wanted Constantine back, and they got him.

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