“Charmed” Reboot Set to Debut on The CW

By the pricking of my thumbs, something ridiculous this way comes. For those of you who were either subjected to or subjected yourself to the show Charmed, this sentiment makes a lot of sense. Weird plot lines, terrible fashion, inconsistencies left and right (in both character and plot), the show was about the Halliwell sisters, three powerful witches that must save innocents, and occasionally the world. Now, the CW is rebooting the series, to try and spark whatever magic there might be left.

The series will take place in 1976, unlike the original show which took place in the late 90s and early 2000s. It is being written by Jane the Virgin writers Jessica O’Toole, Amy Rardin and Jennie Snyder, and will be produced by Jennie Snyder Urman.


It will still have the same premise: three witches coming together to fight the various forces of evils. Why 1976? No clue, there’s nothing it adds or references in the mythos of the show, but if you’re going to get as far away from the aesthetic of the original, the 1970s is a good try.

According to TVLine, the three witches will not be sisters and not all white either. Here are the unofficial character descriptions:

Tina: African American. Whip-smart, Tina is one dissertation (and one quantitative dissertation advisor) away from a PhD. She can be reserved, even standoffish, in uncomfortable situations, but she picks up on
everything and she’s definitely making quick, accurate judgments about you.

Paige: Caucasian Cheerful, curvy, wholesome and as all-American as the apple pie she can’t wait to serve to the husband she has yet to marry. Paige’s main goal in life is to marry a rich doctor and be a wife and mother.

Annie: Caucasian. Intense, smart, and quick to anger. She dresses neutrally, though she could give two s–ts if you like her outfit, so stop wondering what “neutral” means. But under that tough façade, well… there is a fragility. A person desperate to be loved, and love.

The original show was one of the biggest diva pet-projects to ever go on for more seasons than it deserves. Holly Marie Combs and Alyssa Milano became producers on the show and essentially turned the show into ego-stroking through the use of their characters. The atmosphere got so toxic that Shannen Doherty, who played one of the main characters, took her bow mid-season three and had to be replaced by Rose McGowan. Here’s hoping if the new show starts to go south, Urman will be ready and willing to let it die.