CES 2017: NVIDIA’s New Shield TV Device Supports Google Assistant and 4K HDR



You might as well prep a place on your entertainment stand because NVIDIA’s looking to set up for a powerbomb into your homes with their newest NVIDIA Shield TV.

The Shield TV was one of the more successful Android TV devices on the market, being a very much capable 4K entertainment device, as well as a streaming device for games. Now, NVIDIA looks to strengthen the Shield ecosystem, unveiling the newest rendition of the popular Android TV device.

During NVIDIA’s keynote, which took place yesterday, CEO Jen-Hsun Huang unveiled the newest NVIDIA Shield, which now supports 4K HDR for both games and movies, as well as Google Assistant, making it the first Android TV device to do so. Huang also announced their Amazon Echo-like microphone accessory, the NVIDIA Spot, which allows users to give the Nvidia Shield TV voice commands throughout your home.

Update: The Nvidia Shield TV will use the existing Tegra X1 processor as it is simply a refresh of the original Nvidia Shield TV device. In addition, existing Nvidia Shield TV owners will receive an update to provide the new features that were announced for the new Nvidia Shield TV. The update is supposed to be released in the upcoming weeks.  This includes the ability to stream directly to Facebook.

NVIDIA didn’t announce anything about the hardware powering the device, however, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Shield is powered by the company’s X2 mobile processor. The NVIDIA Shield is available for pre-order right now at a $199 price point. For more information, be sure to check out the official Nvidia Shield blog here.

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