I know I mentioned that we would be reviewing the recently released Spacehulk: Deathwing, and we are. However, there is the little bit of technical issues such as bugs, crashes and the concerns regarding the frame rate in the game. That last bit if a huge issue, which the frame rate being all over the place, despite dropping both the resolution and graphical settings. During my testing I’ve seen drops from 60fps, all the way do to under 25-30fps and that’s a huge concern for me. Mind you, this was tested on three gaming machines, running different configurations as well. This way we can get a general idea on a performance baseline.

That said, the majority of the review is complete, but we will not be releasing the review until we hear back from the developer of the title. If there is a patch that will address the issue and one that is releasing soon, we’ll wait until then. Otherwise, if we don’t hear back or there is not patch in the works, we’ll complete the review based on the current status of the game. 

We don’t want to put out subpar reviews for our readers as we know you trust our opinions and we’d rather keep it that way.

Thank you!