The Walking Dead Issue 161 Impressions

Just one more issue of “The Whisperer War” and The Walking Dead issue 160 left readers with a whisperer attack on the Hilltop settlement. Beta commences an attack with the aim to bring Lydia back to the whisperers group, but he fails as she asserts that her new home is the Hilltop. Everyone at the Hilltop fights back in The Walking Dead issue 161.
twd-161Title: The Walking Dead – Issue 161: The Whisperer War Part 5 of 6
Author: Robert Kirkman
Publisher: Image Comics
Language: English
Format: Digital
Page count: 24
Genre: Post – Apocalyptic
Publication Date:
December 7, 2016
Lydia proves that she is no longer an ally to the Whisperers when she fights off the hoard of zombies and kills off many members of the Whisperers. This issue really highlights Lydia’s fighting skills as her tactics include kick and pistol combinations, and eventually sword slashing when her bullets run out. Maggie and her allies join the fight as Carl rescues those trapped in the fire. Carl succeeds in rescuing the people, but he winds up falling victim to a blast and smoke from the fire. Doctor Carson tends to Carl, and the very wounded Aaron covers him and fights of walkers as Doctor Carson heals Carl. Through all of this chaos, the Hilltop remains victorious in this battle as the Whisperer’s were forced to retreat again. Beta is still wounded but insists that they must plan for the next attack.
Meanwhile, Dwight and his soldiers are still in place after their victory against the very first wave of walkers in “The Whisperer War”.  A member of their group, Connie, was bitten on her hand and the group proceeds to cut her hand off, to avoid the infection from spreading. Despite all of this gruesome hand-chopping, Negan remains on the ground to mourn the death of Lucille. Dwight tells Negan that he is pathetic for mourning over a broken bat, but Negan insists that Dwight has no idea what that bat means to him.
In previous issues of “The Whisperer War”, the saviors refused to help Rick’s group fight the whisperers. Sherry, a member of the Sanctuary who was previously Dwight’s wife until Negan forced her hand into marriage, feels that Rick’s people will win. Sherry aims to “take over what is left” when the war is over.

Final Word:

While the battle in the ignited Hilltop was action-packed, this issue seemed to slow the pacing of “The Whisperer War”. Considering this is the fifth out of six issues of “The Whisperer War” arc, The Walking Dead issue 161 didn’t move the arc forward toward the monumental ending readers are hoping for. One thing that is clear, is the Sanctuary is going to be the next problem. How much of a problem can the saviors be without Negan?

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