Super Mario Run Gets A Live Action Trailer, Releases Next Week

Super Mario Run is a big deal for Nintendo, make no mistake about that. It marks the first time that Super Mario makes a debut on a mobile device that is something other than a Nintendo-owned property. Sure he’s been seen on the Gameboy, DS, and 3DS for years on end, December 15, 2016, will mark the first time that he’ll appear on the Apple iPhone/iPad.

It’s such a big deal that Nintendo dug deep and put out an unexpected trailer for the release of the game, a live-action release trailer. Throughout the trailer, you can see the excitement of people as they drop what’s going on with their everyday life and speed towards a common destination. Eventually turning into a massive track meet that closes with the famous plumber and his iconic flagpole jump finisher. Even A baby, who likely has no idea what Super Mario is, partakes in the celebration.

Super Mario Run will be priced at $9.99 and at the moment will only be available for iOS devices. An Android version was also mentioned during the titles initial announcement, however, we haven’t seen any new information since then.