Shantae Half-Genie Hero Gets A Release Date

Less than a week ago, we got confirmation that the wait for Shantae Half-Genie Hero was almost over. Steam/PC users were even able to download and play an Early Access release of the title until the official release date. Well, not more than ten minutes ago, Wayforward Games has announced the release date for the digital versions – December 20th, 2016.  Physical copies will see a release date at a later time. Expect an update regarding this from XSEED Games.

This is it – the moment you’ve all been waiting for! The digital version of Shantae: Half-Genie Hero now has an official release date of December 20!

This release includes:

  • Steam for Window PC – worldwide
  • Xbox One – worldwide
  • PS4 & Vita – North America & Europe
  • Wii U – North America & Europe (awaiting final confirmation)

If you’re curious about the retail versions, look to Xseed for an announcement shortly! Spread the word! Half-Genie Hero is just a couple of weeks away!

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! We’ll start distributing Backer Codes next week! Keep an eye on your inbox (and make sure you’re looking at the email address you funded with)!

Please note that for some consoles, the codes are TIME STAMPED to activate on December 12th. So, when you enter the code, it might not activate immediately. This works just a like a timed release for any digital pre-order. If the clock flips to December 13th Pacific Standard Time, and your code still doesn’t work, then it’s time to hit up WayForward support..

So there you go, the wait is just about over!