Pokemon Wedding

A Pokemon Wedding Has Finally Happened

Weddings are a beautiful thing, as they show the love two people have for each other, and the commitment to making that love last. I know, that was poetic. Themes are a tried and true part of the wedding. Colors, food, music, art, it all helps set the mood and show off the couple. Well, two very unique people decided to show their love in a unique way. Not just their love for one another, but their love of Pokemon, as they had a Pokemon Wedding.


As shown by Anime News Network, Scattered through the wedding area were dozens of Pokemon figurines, some even showing them off in their “natural habitat”. It went further though as customized Pokemon style art of the two as Avatars getting married was also shown. To top that off, a custom logo for Pokemon HW (aka Pokemon Happy Wedding) was made for the couple.


Oh, and the cake? It had a Jirachi on top. Why not? A wish for a happy marriage right? I say if they both agreed to a Pokemon Wedding, it’s a good start. And we’re not alone in wishing them well, as the pics of the wedding were shown on Twitter, and has gotten MASSIVE responses from fans. Who have retweeted them over 48,000 times, and liked it over 64,000 times.