Pokemon Theme Team Ideas for Pokemon Sun and Moon Pt. 2!

So last week, my tag team partner in Pokemon, Tyler (aka Tellius Tyler from the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast!) had some fun gave a list of “Pokemon Theme Teams” that you should try and make in Pokemon Sun and Moon, then take online or go have fun in the Battle Tree. If you’ve heard him and me (Triforce Todd, also from NEP) talk about Sun and Moon in our various podcasts (including our SpoilerCast!), you’ll know we love the, like a LOT. So, after reading his list, I knew I had to come up with my own Pokemon Theme Team ideas. So…I will!

NOTE: These teams are ones you can only get through Sun and Moon itself. Via capture, trade, or QR scans. We do not have access to the Pokemon Bank yet, so we’re trying to be fair to everyone. So, let’s begin!

Pokemon Sun

Team Eevee: Espeon, Flareon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Slyveon, and Glaceon/Leafeon. Or, just keep an Eevee!


Eevee is one of the most popular Pokemon, and for good reason. It’s literally the poster boy/girl of Pokemon Evolution, as currently it has 8 evolutions for you to get and enjoy! With each one a different type, thus allowing for different moves, it’s honestly not a stretch to consider a whole team comprised of Eevee’s! Think about it like this, you can get 6 Eevee’s on the second island, like right off the bat! I got my first Eevee in the VERY FIRST grass area on Akala Island. So you can get them quick, raise them to your specifications, then take out everyone! In theory.

Here’s another thing to think about. Each Eeveelution has a strength against a certain type. So if you build a team of them, you’ll theoretically be ready for ANY opponent! Fire type foe? Throw in Vaperon! Dragon’s bogging you down? Send out Slyveon! And on and on. Now, I left Umbreon off the list for this reason. Dark type moves are actually common among a lot of Pokemon. Even Eevee learns Bite on its own. It’s best to leave Umbreon out so you can have a more reinforced team.

Oh, and lest you think Team Eevee could never really work? A trainer in the Anime won a League with just such a team. In fact…I’m going to be doing this in Pokemon Moon! So there you go.

Team Under The Sea: Primarina, Wishiwashi, Toxapex, Gyrados, Pyukumuku, Whiscash (Lapras is also a good option)


Water, water, everywhere, and not a drop to drink. Yet, in Alola, you’re literally surrounded by water…and you can drink some of it…you know what? Nevermind, let’s just talk Pokemon.

In Alola, a lot of Water type Pokemon show up, from many different regions in fact. It would’ve been easy to swap in other Pokemon too, but these ones seem like a good team when put together. Why? Well, some of them are dual typed, like Primarina, Toxapex, Gyrados, and Whicash. Some have abilities that when use correctly can help change the tide (no pun intended) of battle like Pyukumuku’s Innards Out. And as for Wishiwashi? Well, his Schooling ability is just freaking cool looking, so how can I leave him out?

Now yes, fighting against Grass or Electric Pokemon will be tricky for sure. That’s why I have caveat for Lapras, as she can learn Ice attacks.. Tag team that with Whiscash (who is a ground type, thus immune to Electric), and you’ll have a much more balanced team. Besides, Misty was a water trainer and did well, why not you?

Team UltraNihilego, Buzzwole, Pheromosa, Xurkitree, Celesteela, Kartana, Guzzlord

Cheating? Maybe,  but the Ultra Beasts are honestly one of the coolest things about Pokemon Sun and Moon, so why  not have them on your own Theme Team?

The beauty of the Ultra Beasts is that they’re vary varied. Only a few have the same type, and even then, both are dual type, so they have something different. There are 7 Ultra Beasts, so between catches and trades you can get them all, and then decide which ones you want/need for a fun run on the Battle Tree, or to battle against friends.

That’s of course not mentioning the sheer power of the Ultra Beasts, some of these are team killers all on their own. Put them together? Yeah, it’s going to be epic.

Team I Am Death: Incineroar, Gengar, Mimikyu, Golisopod, Necrozma, Gigalith


Pokemon can be very, VERY cute. Some, make you smile, others make you want to train harder so that they can reach your full potential. But some…just look like they’re going to kill you. Or in one case, if you find out what they really look like? You’re dead.

This team is all about intimidation, and they got the power to back it up. Yes, for Gengar and Gigalith you’ll need to trade for them, but, once you do? You got a cool team. Incineroar is pure power, mixing Fire, Ghost, Dark, and even Dragon attacks to ensure victory. Gengar’s Ghost typing can be very helpful against main types. Mimikyu is a tank. As the first attack will ALWAYS just break the costume it wears. So it’s always guaranteed to last at least two turns. Golisopod has dual typing that can make it very strong. Also, its Emergency Exit ability can let it run before getting knocked out, which is nice to have in a back pocket. As for Necrozma? This thing looks like freaking death itself. But it’s a Psychic type! Who knew?

Team Bird Brain: Toucannon, Pelipper, Archeops , Mandibuzz, Delibird, Talonflame


It’s well documented in Pokemon that every new region gets at least one bird Pokemon. What started with Pidgey and Spearow, became a full on bird-Pokemon frenzy. Alola is no different, with old and new birds popping out of the woodwork. So, to honor them, why not make your own bird team?

While this may seem like a bad idea at first, do recall, that bird Pokemon often strike first with their boosted speed stats. Also, many are dual typed. Only one of the ones I mentioned above isn’t, that’s Toucannon. The reason its there is because it can learn a vast array of attacks, which would be useful in a battle situation. Also, some have evolved in such a way that their dual typing can make up for the Flying Types weaknesses against Ice, Rock, and Electric types. It’ll be a challenge, but you just make it with…flying colors.

Team Let It Go: Butterfree, Primeape, Haunter, Lapras, Goodra, Pikachu (hear me out!)


For Ash, becoming a Pokemon Master was always his dream. However, over time, he has let go a good number of Pokemon in order for them to live their lives. But now! You have the chance to take these Pokemon back, raise them to be something special, and have them achieve greatness in a way the anime wouldn’t allow for most of this team!

From Butterfree being let go to go and mate (surprisingly adult, but whatever…), to Primeape getting released so that he could be a true fighting champion (he just won a tournament after all), to  Haunter being allowed to stay with Sabrina so she wouldn’t trap people in dollhouses anymore (still get creeped out by that episode to be honest…), Lapras being freed so she could be with her family, Goodra and his desire to protect his homeland now that he had the power to do so…and then Pikachu! Wait, Pikachu was released!?!?!?

Technically, yes. Pikachu was almost let go by Ash, in fact, he left him in a Pikachu community so that he could be happy. Yes, Pikachu came back, but it still counts! Besides…I really needed a sixth Pokemon to make this team work…so there.


Like Tyler said in the previous post, Pokemon are infinite in their possibilities and combinations. I’m sure there’s another list (or twenty) we could do of Pokemon Theme Teams. But honestly? We’d rather hear your thoughts! So, let us know what specialized teams you think could help lead you to victory! And be sure to check out all of our Pokemon Sun and Moon pieces here on Outerhaven! Such as our “Best And Worst Changes In Pokemon Sun And Moon”, or Tyler’s Battle Tree Guide!

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