Pokemon GO Offers More Chances To Get New Pokemon And Original Starters

Just when you thought Pokemon GO couldn’t get any more into the holiday spirit, they pull a fast one and make it even more enticing to play the game. In light of the arrival of Christmas and New Year’s, Niantic is getting even more into the holiday spirit with some special bonuses for Pokemon GO players.

Mainly the chance to get new Pokemon via Egg Hatching, which will be not only increased during the week of Christmas, but players will be granted one-time incubators every day for every PokeStop they go to. Niantic revealed the whole deal in a blog post:

“Don’t miss out on an increased chance to hatch a Togepi (and other Pokémon)! Starting the morning of December 25, 2016, and through the afternoon of January 3, 2017 (PST), PokéStops will award one single-use Incubator each day after your first Photo Disc spin. As you visit PokéStops during this time period, there will be a greater chance of finding Eggs that hatch Togepi, Pichu, and several other recently found Pokémon, originally discovered in the Johto region. Special Pikachu wearing festive hats will also be staying around a bit longer! You are more likely to find these limited-edition Pikachu during the time period of this celebration.”

Oh, and you’re missing a starter Pokemon, you have more of a chance to get them now too:

“In addition, from the afternoon of December 30, 2016, through the afternoon of January 8, 2017 (PST), the first partner Pokémon and their Evolutions, originally discovered in the Kanto region, are more likely to be encountered. This means a greater chance to catch Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, and Venusaur, as well as Charmander, Charmeleon, and Charizard, plus Squirtle, Wartortle, and Blastoise! As a way to increase your chance to encounter one of these Pokémon, Lure Modules will also last for 60 minutes instead of 30 minutes.”

So, will this bring you back into the Pokemon GO fold? Will you take part of the “good tidings” and experience “great joy” int he game once more? Let us know!