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Nintendo Entertainment Podcast – Episode 11 – The Wrong Way To Run

In the latest episode of the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast, Todd, Will, and Tyler return to talk about the release of Super Mario Run, and how it stands as the first “true” Nintendo mobile title.

But also, Todd and Tyler again rant and rave about Pokemon Sun and Moon (will they ever stop!?!?!), which inevitably leads to a discussion about Eevee and its Eeveelutions!

Then, the trio looks back and discuss things Nintendo has gotten wrong in the past. From the stories of FE characters to localization issues, song choices (or lack thereof), and the need for internet connections in mobile titles, they get everything off their chests!

Plus, Todd is singing…WHY IS TODD SINGING?!?!?! And he’s also campaigning to work at Nintendo again? What could go wrong?

So check out what’s going on with the guys and the Big N in the latest Nintendo Entertainment Podcast!

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