For Honor’s Second Round of Testing to Start Dec 14th

If you were part of the first round of users who were accepted into Ubisoft’s For Honor Technical Testing, then check your mailboxes. A new round of invites are going out for the second round of testing that’s starting on Dec, 14th and runs upon to Dec, 19th, 2016. This is an invite only test, so no open-beta here folks.

My specific invite was for the PC, however, if this is anything like last time then Xbox One and PS4 users will also be able to participate in the testing. And no, you can’t have my invite.

Update: Looks like this test is for PC only, we haven’t seen any Xbox One or PS4 invites being sent out just yet. 


For Honor releases of PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC as of February 14th, 2017.

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