Deals: Buy Two Get One Free Game Offer Starts Today At Bestbuy (X1 & PS4)

Bestbuy’s Buy Two Get One Free Deal. From Dec th4 to Dec 10th, 2016

Starting today, gamers can head over to Bestbuy either via the b&m store or online and pick up any two PlayStation 4 or Xbox One games and receive another one for free. The free game must be priced under $59.99 or be the lower priced item in your 3 games. Sadly both Uncharted 4 and the PS4 version of Minecraft are not included in the offer. Pre-orders and pre-owned titles are also excluded from the deal.

Update: Even though a pre-ordered game is in the ad, it doesn’t count. So you’ll have to wait until the day of release to pick it up via this deal. That’s something to think about if you’re also trying to pick up the included pre-order bonuses as well. 

Free item must be $59.99 or less and of equal or lesser value. Excludes pre-owned, pre-ordered, and digital games, Uncharted4 (PS4) and Minecraft (PS4).

Oddly enough, The Last Guardian is displayed in this week’s ad as part of the deal. That makes me assume that when they mention pre-ordered titles, they are implying that anything that you already had on pre-order prior to this week’s ad. The offer also stacks with the Bestbuy Games Club Unlocked, so the max you’d pay for three games, not counting and CE’s or LE’s, is $96 dollars (before tax). That’s not a bad deal.

They are also offering a 10% off deal on all DLC and Season Pass cards. Click on the image to access the deal.