Credit: Netflix

You Can Now Download Netflix To Watch Without WiFi


If you’ve ever been on a long commute, delayed flight, or even a remote vacation, the lack of Netflix can be. Using up all your data to stream the latest show or your favorite movie can be costly, and spotty when reception is bad. The streaming gods have heard our pleas and now you can download Netflix content to enjoy on the go.

No more expensive airplane WiFi fees, no more depending on crappy free connections, and no more reserving binge-watching to when you get home. All users have to do is get the latest update for the app and when they search for titles, there will be a downward facing arrow (aka the download symbol) next to its episodes or the movie. You can choose to download it in Standard or Higher, though the latter takes longer.

Netflix even released a little video to share the news with its many subscribers:

Not all selections are available for download — much of Netflix Originals library is, and a few select others but it’s likely that Netflix will have to figure out ways to work it into future contracts or otherwise get the owners’ permissions in order to make them available. The feature is probably also only good for one play through, so be sure to stock up on episodes if you’re going on a particularly long trip or have lots of time to kill.

Some think the new Download Netflix option is due to Vudu’s offering of the service. Others think it may due to the company’s expanding markets, including countries where internet is not always reliable. Whatever the reason is, travelers, commuters, and binge-watchers worldwide are thanking their lucky stars that Netflix finally relented. Now, if only we could watch Stranger Things while at work without getting in trouble.