“White Rabbit Project” Trailer Basically Brings MythBusters Back


Many were crushed when MythBusters aired its final season in early 2016, after fourteen excellent seasons. The show explored all the weird myths from television, film, and even the grandest of tall tales. It was a show that helped us believe in the power of science and explosions. Now Netflix is looking to fill that void with its latest offering: White Rabbit Project.

The show, first announced at DragonCon 2016, is all about trying insane experiments to see what will happen, using the biggest tech and the weirdest set ups. From airplane heists to throwing printers out of windows, and of course explosions galore, the trailer shows there’s still plenty to debunk. While it’s not called MythBusters, it does have the show’s former Build Team of Grant Imahara, Kari Byron and Tory Belleci at their cheesiest. In fact, the producers are from Beyond Productions, the same company that produced MythBusters. It’s a spiritual sequel if there was ever going to be one. Could there be a Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage cameo in the near future?

One has to wonder if Netflix was hoping to buy MythBusters but ultimately settled for building a bigger and (hopefully) better version of the show themselves. It’s also great that they brought back parts of the original crew. Byron, Belleci, and Imahara were all fired from the show in 2014 for reasons that remain unclear. There were no hard feelings, in public, and it appears it wasn’t because of incompetency on the team’s part. Now that they’re back in the game, we can expect the same level of scientific thoroughness, big ideas and zany antics. Let’s just hope there aren’t any major accidents that will impede any further productions, or make the insurance rates too high. 

White Rabbit Project will debuted on Netflix on December 9, 2016.