The Walking Dead Issue 160 Impressions

The battle between the Whisperers and Alexandria begins to have some devastating consequences in the fourth part of The Whisperer War. Dwight’s army alongside Negan were victorious against the first wave of walkers, causing the Whisperers to retreat. The biggest casualty of this battle was Lucille, who after many arcs of demolition, was finally broken on the back of Beta. Dwight’s next move is to use the Whisperers’ own tactics against them, by wearing walker skin and blending into the hoard to stealth attack. The group Negan previously lead called The Saviors, rejected Rick’s call to arms. The Walking Dead Issue 160 reaches the halfway point of the Whisperer War and continues to be exciting and fast-paced.

walking-dead-160-coverTitle: The Walking Dead – Issue 160: The Whisperer War Part 4 of 6
Author: Robert Kirkman
Publisher: Image Comics
Language: English
Format: Digital
Page count: 26
Genre: Post – Apocalyptic
Publication Date:
 November 2, 2016
In using the Whisperers method of attack, Dwight’s soldiers question why they hadn’t used this tactic when making supply runs, to avoid running risks. Dwight reminds his group that using the skin of the dead is disrespectful to the people who owned that skin. Dwight goes into a compelling philosophy of how easy it is to separate walkers from people because people spend so much time fighting, killing, and running from them. Seeing people die and come back as “monsters” is supposed to be sad, but people haven become too desensitized at this point in the apocalypse. Dwight argues that continuously wearing walker skin is straight up immoral. The Whisperer War arc is really showing Dwight’s true potential as a leader, who is presenting to be more fit for the role than Rick. 

It was nice to see the focus back on Maggie, who two war’s later is still too emotionally invested in her dead husband to move on to anyone else. Keep in mind that at this point of the comic book, her husband Glenn, died by the hands of Negan’s an entire arc ago.

Beta’s group moves in toward Alexandria camouflaged by a hoard of walkers. The Whisperer’s attack Alexandria from within the hoard using fire arrow’s. Beta’s goal is to bring Lydia back with the Whisperers’.


Final Word:

The Whisperer War continues to be unpredictable and thrilling. The art style covers a lot of ground in its 16-grid layout, packing so much conflict and imagery in only six issues. The AMC show could benefit from this sort of pacing, although for a comic book it can feel a bit too crammed at times. 


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