Tokyo Ghoul Volume 8 Review

tgTitle: Tokyo Ghoul Volume 8
Author: Sui Ishida
Publisher: Viz Media
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Page count: 216
Genre: Horror
Publication Date:
August, 16, 2016

Ken Kaneki awakens anew with a fresh urge for the blood of those who wronged him. The monstrous strength he discovers within himself serves him well in protecting Touka and the other ghouls who sought to help him. After insuring their safety, he breaks away from the Ghouls who sheltered him so he can search for the truth behind what happened the night when Rize died.

Volume 8 is action packed and really takes the reader through a wide cast of characters from the Anteiku and the CCC. Although the two are natural enemies, they are both on the same mission – to clear the towers of the nasty Aogiri Tree organization. Indirectly, they work together to push back the gang’s position in the district. This may possibly be the only time humans and ghouls join forces even if they’re unaware that they are on the same side (at this time).

I am hopeful that the events in volume eight lead to a positive relationship between humans and ghouls.  I don’t expect that to happen immediately, in fact it may not happen for several volumes in the series.  I’m not surprised that Kaneki decides to break away from the cafe the end of the volume.  The author was definitely working up to that and it is important for him to break away so that he can discover why he was given Rize’s organs.

Overall I enjoyed this volume; however, I felt there was too much action.  I didn’t find the action hard to follow but I found it tedious.  The majority of was comprised of fight scenes.  After a while there’s just so much running around and jumping around that I can deal with in one book.  I would have preferred a little bit more Kaneki in this volume and fewer battles.  At the end of the volume he’s praised but you didn’t really see much of him.  What he’s doing is implied.  That doesn’t change that it was a good volume and I am sure more blood hungry readers enjoyed all of the action.

Final Word:

As usual TOKYO GHOUL is a stellar series.  I’m really enjoying the story and the characters.  Volume 8 David readers a lot of insight into the backgrounds of some very important characters.  For example, we learned a lot about Touka and her brother.  Their relationship proves to be very complex and explains why she is a loner.  Additionally, Touka is not as strong as she was perceived to be in previous volumes.  This was twist I was not expecting.  Despite my dislike for all of the action scenes in this volume, I thoroughly enjoyed the teamwork displayed to rescue Kaneki.  I appreciated the extensive character development and history provided.  With each volume that ghouls seem more human.  It is the humans who are starting to look like monsters.

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