At the 2016 Blizzcon event, we were finally introduced to the new Overwatch hero, Sombra.  Sombra had been rumored for months and a build-up campaign was initiated that had fans decoding cryptic messages, visiting hidden websites and translating text from Spanish into English.  It often felt like a wild goose chase at first, but the wait is finally over!  The leaked image that was put up on Blizzard’s website was, indeed, Sombra!

Sombra is going to be a stealth hacker hero. It seems that her playstyle will be built around disrupting her enemies.  Her ultimate will be an EMP blast that can disrupt multiple enemies at once. Her main weapon is going to be a rapid-fire machine pistol and she can take to the shadows temporarily via a stealth cloak known as the Camouflage Shield.  She is available for play at Blizzcon as we speak, but for those of us who cannot attend the event, she will be on Overwatch’s Public Test Realm starting next week!

An animated introduction video entitled “Infiltration” was revealed today and can be viewed below.