Before SNK Playmore ran into financial difficulties which forced them to dissolve back in 2001 and then later acquired by the Playmore Corporation (Toys), the company was originally known as SNK. SNK, the throne in Capcom’s side with their own line-up of fighting games such as Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, Samurai Shodown, King of Fighters and even their own systems with the (expensive)Neo-Geo, Neo Geo Pocket Color and even the Neo Geo Portable. I have many a fond memory of those days, though I never owned a NEO-GEO, due to the cost.  

When the company was acquired, the name was changed to Playmore Corporation, then several years later it was dropped and dubbed SNK Playmore Corporation, to make the company more known by using a familiar name. Now I know a few of you are probably asking, “Didn’t SNK Playmore change their name earlier in 2016?”. Well, yes and no – They officially dropped Playmore from their logo but the company was still legally called SNK Playmore. We reported on this here.

That is until December 1st, 2016, when the company will officially change their name to SNK. Yes, the original name of the company as it would seem that the company has made a full circle and gets back to the name we all know and love.

SNK PLAYMORE changed its company logo and slogan on April 25th, 2016 with the goal of marking its return to SNK’s rich gaming history. The official change of the company name to SNK CORPORATION, which takes effect from December 1st, 2016, furthers this goal by expanding SNK’s brand name worldwide, and enhancing its corporate value.

This change of corporation name to “SNK”, and slogan to “The Future Is Now” marks a return to SNK’s glorious gaming history. Through the huge success of many of its game franchises in the past, SNK is still a brand supported by countless fans from around the world to this day. The new corporation name chosen for this turning point, signifies both a return to the origins of SNK, and revival of our pioneer spirit to always offer long-time fans of SNK, as well as newcomers, entertainment of an even higher quality moving forward.

Now, perhaps we can ask for a follow-up to Samurai Shodown and Garou: Mark of the Wolves! C’mon, SNK! What do you say?

Source: SNK Playmore website, Gemastu

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