Score An Exclusive Nintendo 3DS On Black Friday 2016

If you’re looking for to pick up a Nintendo 3DS, then Nintendo may have you covered. Recently announced, Nintendo will be selling two special edition models – one in black, the other in while, with both of them featuring characters from the Super Mario Bros. Mushroom Kingdom.

bb-3ds-blackfriday-01Both systems will be available as of November 25th, 2016, for $99.99! That’s a damned good deal for a 3DS, regardless if it’s for you, a friend or a family member. It’s also twenty dollars more than the inferior 2DS, though there is no game pre-installed.

While Nintendo’s focus may be turning to the Switch, the company has stated that they won’t be giving up the ghost on the 3DS, which makes this the perfect time to get onboard if you don’t already have one.