Sailor Moon R: The Movie Coming To Theaters In 2017


Sailor Moon fans have something to look forward to in 2017. Viz Media announced that they are re-dubbing and releasing Sailor Moon R: The Movie to theaters in January 2017. The film will also include the short “Make Up! Sailor Guardians” which played before the film in Japan.

The film’s plot is simple: when Mamoru was an orphan, he made friends with an alien child named Fiore. Years later, Fiore becomes possessed by an evil flower and comes to save Mamoru before destroying the Earth. It’s up to the Sailor Scouts to save the Earth and Mamoru once more. 

The film did not get a theatrical release when it was first came out. The only way to see it was to rent it from a video store, if your local store carried it at all. Now fans of the show can see the action and romance on the big screen for the first time ever.

The voice actors from Viz Media’s current dub will all be a part of the film, though they will also release a version with the original Japanese audio with subtitles. Ben Diskin will play the part of Fiore, as announced in this video:

There’s no news yet as to which theaters will be carrying the film, nor is there any information on dates and times. However, diehard fans are going to want to be sure to catch this one. Viz will likely re-release Sailor Moon R: The Movie on DVD for those who can’t make it to theaters in order to see it. No news yet as to whether the other two films of the original Sailor Moon series will get the same theatrical treatment.