At this year’s Blizzcon event, Blizzard announced that a brand new game mode will be coming to Overwatch called Arcade Mode.  In Arcade Mode, you can battle one vs one or three vs three.  This mode will also contain a variety of regularly rotating alternate game modes, unique rulesets and chances to earn extra experience and loot. This will be the first new game mode to come to Overwatch since the Competitive Play mode which was introduced in June of this year. 

Players will be given the opportunity to test this mode next week on the Public Test Realms. This mode will be tested on PC, but will eventually make its way to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game. 

One of the new maps that was introduced is called Eco Point and it is based around the Mei character.  This map will be for Arcade Mode as it is structured to feature the one on one and three on three duels. The second map that was revealed is called Oasis.  It is a desert-themed map and it will be a control objective map. The Oasis map is slated for December and will be joining the Eco Map, Arcade Mode and the new Sombra hero on the PTR starting next week on Tuesday!


Preview of the Eco Point map from the stage at Blizzcon


Preview of the Oasis map from the stage at Blizzcon

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