Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, Pokemon Stars

Nintendo Switch Getting Pokemon Stars?

It’s been known for a while that the Pokemon Company/Game Freak was developing titles for the Nintendo Switch. However, it wasn’t known what kind of games we could expect. Now, sources are claiming that a third title to the newest Pokemon games, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, will be made exclusive for the Switch. And it will be called: Pokemon Stars.

This report comes via Eurogamer, who have apparently been told by numerous sources that this is indeed happening. The game will be more or less the same. It will be in the Alola region, have the same and other familiar features. However, it will have improved graphics that represent the capabilities of the Switch.

Based on previous “third” installments, it goes to reason that there will be altered storyline to focus on a new legendary Pokemon, and likely other twists as well.

Apparently, the game was meant to release in Summer 2017, but may have been pushed back to late 2017. Nintendo has declined comment at this point.