The Marvel vs Capcom series is and has been a fan favorite for quite some time. They are easily some of Capcom’s most successful gaming titles that have captivated audiences countless times over. Sadly this all came to an abrupt end when Disney purchased Marvel Comics and took control over all of the licenses. Meaning all video game licenses were revoked and Disney was solely in control of all game development that featured Marvel properties. This meant no more Marvel VS Capcom games in the long run. However, Disney eventually killed their gaming division and start “leasing” out their licenses to companies who are willing to pay for them.


This opened the door for an eventual Marvel vs Capcom follow-up to possibly go into development and one that started a rumor that a Marvel VS Capcom 4 title could be on the way. We could even see and hear more about the title at the upcoming 2016 Capcom Cup and 2016 PlayStation Experience. This is surely great news for fighting game fans, right? Well, short of an unnamed source calling this is a reality, we really don’t know what to believe as of yet.  Is it really happening or this is all just a rumor? We speculate and try to debunk as much as possible, to see what is truth and what isn’t.

Lastly, we’re all gaming fans here and several of us had ties with the Marvel VS Capcom series for quite some time. However, we’re more focused on truth. Actual information released by the publisher or developers vs someone/s who leak information that isn’t ready to be announced. Or on information that shouldn’t even be released. Leaks have been a thorn in the side of gaming for some time, it takes the air out of huge announcements and spoils it for everyone. Is Marvel VS Capcom 4 the latest causality or is this merely a rumor that’s going a bit too far? 

Won’t you let us take you for a ride?