Hideo Kojima Is Set To Attend RTX Sydney 2017

Like RTX isn’t exciting enough already; RTX, one of Rooster Teeth‘s annual expos, in Sydney will be hosting a very special guest: Hideo Kojima. That’s right! The famed creator of Metal Gear will be joining all of our favorite Rooster Teeth personalities at their annual expo in Sydney, Australia next year. 


For right now, the plan is for Kojima to speak on a panel with Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller on the future of game development and all of Kojima’s contributions to the industry. RTX 2017 in Sydney takes place on February 4th and 5th, and you can purchase tickets here

Here’s to hoping Kojima will be gracing RTX in Rooster Teeth’s hometown of Austin, Texas next summer. I can only imagine how excited they are to be hosting one of the most iconic creators of our time. 

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