The First Trailer For Daytona USA 3 Championship Has Been Released

It’s years upon years since we’ve asked for a follow-up to Sega’s best racing title of all time, Daytona USA. Sadly, after Daytona USA 2: Battle on the Edge, hit the arcades it would be the last time that we’d see the Daytona label slapped onto a game. That doesn’t include the Xbox Live Arcade remaster/port of Daytona USA for the Xbox 360.

That said, the internet has been on fire as of recently with the announcement of the next Daytona USA title, Daytona USA 3: Championship and today, after all, the talk we finally get an official look at the title in action.

Short, but sweet, this is trailer has me waiting for more. 

Other than this trailer, what else do we know? Well, for starters we know that the game will feature the original 3 tracks, all remastered. In addition to that, we’ll also get 3 new tracks, a new set of cars and the game will support up to eight players in linked mode. The game is apparently based on the original Daytona USA game engine (rumor) and will not run on any SEGA hardware and instead will be based on convention PC hardware, not unlike RingEdge 2 or NU.


For more info on Daytona USA 3 Championship, be sure to check out both Arcade Heroes and Arcade Hunters Facebook page. Both have covering the title and have been providing lots of useful bits of info.

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    Soda Popinski

    I’d be quite happy with Daytona USA XBLA game joining XB1 BC list