Bring Stranger Things To The Dinner Table With These Netflix Recipes

Stranger Things recipes sounds like the kind of bizarre Buzzfeed clickbait designed to prey on fans of the summer sleeper hit. But these Netflix-created-and-approves recipes are meant to invoke the kind of dark and dreary tone of everyone’s favorite 80s-nostalgia-fueled show. And don’t forget, with Halloween coming up, these dishes will be great for any spooky festivities you may or may not be dragged to in lieu of eating candy and watching cheesy movies.


French Onion Barb


This dip seems innocent enough until you realize they actually made a dip to represent Barbara’s dead and decaying face. Some much for justice for Barb. So what kind of food do you make to resemble a corpse? Soup. This twist on a classic french onion soup uses pizza dough to form Barb’s dead face, which is then baked. Create the soup in the classic style (fry those onions in butter and add beef broth) and place her head on top. Cover it in Swiss cheese to simulate the slime left on her face (and use a little blow torch to melt it if you’re fancy) and enjoy eating eating the character so many mourned over.

Demogorgon Pie


Because who doesn’t want a pie that reminds of you the yonic monster who tries to eat everyone and may or may not be a manifestation of Eleven’s fears? The pie itself is a pumpkin and cherry combination, while the face-flaps are dough, egg wash and almonds. To get that sickly bluefish color for the inside of the pie, which the video doesn’t show is to careful cover the top with blackberry puree and gently make swirls with a tooth pick. Also, yes, you have to carefully place all those almonds to look like the monster’s many, many teeth. That task might be even scarier than facing the actual demogorgon itself.

Try these Stranger Things recipes and let us know how they work for you!

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