Square Enix Officially Announces STORMBLOOD For Final Fantasy XIV

Over the weekend, Square Enix released a fantastic looking trailer for the next upcoming expansion for Final Fantasy XIV: STORMBLOOD. This trailed pitted two warriors, one in blue while the other was in red, fighting on top a colossal statue, while others below looked upon them. Other than the trailer, that’s all we got – Until today that is. Square Enix has officially taken the wraps off the title and has provided a bit more info on the expansion.

The new expansion will include several new jobs, an increased level cap to level 70, new areas to explore, an updated battle system, new dungeons and raids and alliance battle content. They also announced that we’ll see more information regarding Final Fantasy XIV: STORMBLOOD, during the 2016 Tokyo Fan Festival event that takes place on December 24th-25th 2016 and the European Fan Festival in Frankfurt, scheduled for February 18-19, 2017.

Finally, there was some speculation that Final Fantasy XIV: STORMBLOOD would not be coming to the PlayStation 3, as it was missing from the trailer. This has been officially confirmed that the expansion will not be available for the platform. To make up for this, Square Enix has announced plans for a free PlayStation 4 upgrade. This upgrade will allow for PS3 players to move their progress over to the PS4 and gain access to the new expansion.


Expect Final Fantasy XIV: STORMBLOOD to be available for PlayStation 4 and PC, sometime in early 2017.