Shrek 5 Is Currently Being Scripted


It’s the kind headline you wish you were reading on April Fool’s Day, but this is no joke. Dreamworks’s Animation is currently scripting for the fifth Shrek movie. In other words, you may soon see advertisements for Shrek 5, coming to a theater near you.

Michael McCullers, the writer of all the Austin Powers movies and Dreamwork’s Mr. Peabody and Sherman, will be working on it soon. He is currently penning the third film in Sony Animation’s Hotel Transylvania 3. We know this because Walt Dohrn and Mike Mitchell, the directors of Trolls, brought it up in their interview with The Hollywood News.

Some are wondering what there’s even left to do in the Shrek universe. 2010’s Shrek Forever After ends with Shrek coming to appreciate his married life and his children, realizing how lost he would be without them. The whole point of the film is the Shrek is finally happy with where he is. So what could a new story add to the mythos? Possibly having Shrek’s kids grow up and go on their own adventures? Perhaps Shrek and Fiona taking over her family’s kingdom? Perhaps Donkey gets a divorce from the dragon leading to some legal trouble? Honestly, your guess is as good as mine. However, just because they’ve ordered a script to be written doesn’t necessarily mean that Shrek 5 will get made anytime soon, if at all. So for those of you praying that the Shrek franchise goes turn into the endless conveyor belt of crap that Blue Sky Studio’s Ice Age became, there is hope.

Additionally, in the same interview, Dohrn and Mitchell revealed that they are working on getting Sky High 2 off the ground. So, two supposedly finished franchises potentially getting back off the ground. At the very least, we’ll get some more interesting Shrek memes.